Florpagano proposes a consistent weekly offering of green and bloomed indoor plants in every period of the year, in addition to "seasonal productions."

One of the Pagano company's strong points is undoubtedly the production of the orchid phalaenopsis and the anthurium pot plant.  In fact, Florpagano is the only company in Puglia and in southern Italy that specializes in the  monthly cultivation of these species.  The bloomed plants begonia, saintpaulia, and spathyphillum are produced and offered from January to December. 

In the spring, the commercial proposal consists of bloom plants,  Mediterranean and balcony plants, and green outdoor plants. Gardenia, hydrangea, gazania, geranium, dimorphoteca, cineraria, dipladenia, potunia, surfinia, calibrachoas are just some of the many species of plants available from February to June.  

In autumn, cyclamens and chrysanthemums, as well as a vast range of poinsettia, princettia, and winter rose, are offered from September to December.  

In addition to bloom plants, the main strength of  Florpagano is the cultivation and selling of green indoor plants. As a result of Antonio Pagano's efforts to introduce the "tronchetto della felicità" in 1980, Florpagano has spent years leading the italian market. Currently, the company is able to offer a range of many species and variety, many of which are exclusive to the national market.  

Recently, Florpagano has introduced dracena dorado, dracaena hawaian sunshine, and dracena janet lind, which are a patented variety and unique to Italy.  In the greenhouses of Ruvo of Puglia, the Pagano company also cultivates  the traditional single plants, and in the set of marginned dracena, dracena massangeana, dracena, janet graig compacta, dracena lemon files, dracaena surprise, yucca, beaucarnea and pachira. 

Alessandro and Gianluca Pagano designed an important production area for the cultivation of bonsai in the traditional and small varieties; measures such as ficus retusa, carmona, zelkova, ligustrum and serissa, as well as the more great and exemplary plants of ficus ginseng microcarpa.