Ours is a history of continuous search of the eco-sustainability. 


For a long time to the first place among the objectives of the Florpagano there is to reduce the consumptions of water, of fossils and other materials. To get this, an important installation had been necessary into the greenhouses that it has allowed to reach a double important result: smaller consumptions and smaller issues of CO2 in atmosphere and any pollution of the subsoil. Here shortly how it was been possible to reach these results: 



The firm recovers all the rain water thanks to two cisterns of 20.000 cubic meters. In this way the firm Pagano give best water quality to the plants but have also irrigation autonomy for about 100 days without rains. From the environmental point of view the presence of these cisterns avoids to the Florpagano to withdraw from the subsoil around 40 million liters of water a year with the consequent missed issue of CO2 otherwise can be made if they use electric energy to take water at 300 meters deep on the subsoil and to clean this water wiht osmosis system. 


With this system the Florpagano recovers all the water that the plants don't absorb in the process of irrigation, reaching the important environmental and economic result don't loose the dop water and don't put with it in the subsoil the fertilizers.   

With the traditional systems of irrigation, in fact, big part of the water used for the irrigation is dispersed in the subsoil and from the moment that every liter contains 1 gram fertilizer, the firm Pagano, through the system of ebb and flow doesn't disperse in the subsoil 40 million liters of water but above all over 40 tons a year of nitrates, sulfates and other fertilizers.  


The most greater part of the cultivations of tropical plants are done on benches in concrete that assure smaller energetic consumptions and therefore less issues of CO2 since during the diurnal hours they naturally heat him with the solar energy surrendering in the evening hours the accumulated heat. For the night is enough to make circulation of water at lower temperatures in comparison to the traditional systems of heating.  


The almost totality of the covered surface is endowed with double energy screen. Through the use of these cloths, the dispersions of heat during the nighttime hours and during the winter days are vey very low. The energetic saving can also overcome 70% with consequent equal reduction of issues of CO2 in atmosphere. 


Purchased for the first time in 2009, currently all the boilers have the condenser that take for free energy of smoke. In fact, thanks to the condenser, over the 10% of the warm water for the heating of the greenhouses is gotten thanks to the recovery of the smokes that gone out of the boilers, that should be dispersed otherwise. In this way the boilers work less and in atmosphere they are sent less quantity of CO2 over that smoke go to low temperatures (90° rather than 150°). 


Currently the 50% of the consumed electric energy is produced by this system. In only  two years Florpagano has halved the issues of CO2. Now is waiting for authorization to make installation to produce itself the other 50% of electricity.  


A software assures further energetic savings and therefore less immissions of CO2 thanks to the regulation and control, in any moment of the day, of all the present installation in greenhouse. These, in fact, automatically begin working according to the in demand parameters inside the sectors of cultivation and according the external conditions of temperature, light, wind and humidity. Today the firm uses the most modern softwares to make sure greater savings and to pollute less, but the efficiency of this system Antonio Pagano has known since 1982 when it installed in Italy the first computer for the management of the climate in the greenhouses.   


All this we do for us and for our children and we simply call respect for the environment.