FLORPAGANO is situated on approximately 14 hectares, half of which are covered by high technology greenhouses made of iron-glass. 

Specializing in floriculture, the company is currently co-managed by Alessandro and Gianluca Pagano. In cooperation with founder Antonio Pagano, the Pagano's operate the production, transformation, and marketing of plants produced in the city of Ruvo of Puglia.    

The numerous investments of modernization and amplification provided by the Pagano family throughout the years serve as an important italian business of indoor, green, bloom, and tropical plants.  Florpagano is notably the sole producer of orchids phalaenopsis and anthurium pot plant in the south of Italy, while maintaining uniqueness on the whole national territory for its' production and distribution of important varieties patented of dracena what dorado, janet lind, and hawaian sunshine.  

Currently, the business complex is separated into three macros areas: the principal center, representing 45.000 square meters of greenhouses; the recent installation production of 25.000 square meters; and an open area of 7 hectares designated to the cultivations of outdoor plants. The 70.000 square meters of covered surface are climatically divided into 25 independent sectors in order to assure the fit conditions of growth to every single kind of plant cultivated inside them.  

Such climatic conditions are secured by a centralized control system which manages, based on planned parameters, all the components such as the shadow, cooling-system, air-condition, atomization, heating, fertilization and artificial light. This elevated degree of automation allows for important results pertaining to the quality of the products as well as the containment of the water and energy consumption. 

Additionally, an area of aproximately 5.000 square meters is designated to "cash & carry" whereby florists and garden centers may purchase in self-service or with the aid of Florpagano personnel.  

Thanks to Florpagano, Every year 2 million pot plants are distributed from Ruvo di Puglia throughout each Italian region as well as the neighboring countries of the European Union.